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Music for Film & Games

Cycling through a journey of musical genres, we will find the most appropriate way to emotionalize your film or game. The network of versatile musicians (ensemble, orchestral, solo artists) we are associated with, allows composing classical-oriented music as well as writing in modern popular genres. 

Music for Film also includes scoring for Cine & TV Films, Documentaries and Animated Movies.

Music for Media

Composing original and distinctive Brand Themes, Commercial & Trailer Music, Sound Logos & Sonic IDs with significant recognition value. 

Orchestration, Arrangements, Midi Mockups

Creating individual scores and arrangements in a variety of styles (Full Orchestration, Jazz & Rock/Pop Arrangements) The Client also obtains the possibility to hear the final result as close as possible through the help of musical midi mockups.

Effects & Mixing

Sound Design, Effects & Final Mixes (5.1) for every film genre. Professional Mixdowns for classical, popular musical styles and for television broadcasting (R128)


We perform as artists for different events and also create custom made shows with choreographers and dance ensembles.